Women Studies

Womens Studies Department

Women’s Studies Department, Barkatullah University, Bhopal deals with the teaching, training, research, documentation on women related issues with the aim of women empowerment. It is the first Department of Women’s Studies in the whole Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh State. WSD has been established by the University Grants Commission in the University to promote teaching, training, research, Dissemination, Publication, Extension activities, Documentation, Gender sensitization, Advocacy and networking at the local and national level on women related issues with the aim of Women Empowerment on various perspectives of women ensuring further mainstreaming in the process of Women’s Empowerment and Development. Strong focus of the department is on empowerment of tribal and marginalized women.
 Women’s Studies Department regularly conducts research studies on various issues related to women and highlights the problems and their solution with special reference to Madhya Pradesh State. The Research Journal entitled “Journal of Gender Equality and Sensitivity” is the only ISSN Journal of the University published by Women’s Studies Department. Old age care is another priority area of the WSD and WSD recently conducted a research study on old age care homes of Bhopal which was well appreciated by academicians and other concerned with the issue. We have also collaborated with reputed Institutes like National Institute of Social Defence, New Delhi and organized Sensitization training programme on old age care.


 M.Phil in Women’s Studies


 This one and half year M.Phil course will equip students interested in pursuing research on women issues with the critical research tools needed for Women's Studies in Social Sciences. It provides a systematic introduction to Women's Studies, Women's movement, feminist theories and various inter-disciplinary approaches to study and understand women issues with different perspective.

In the course, students are offered wide range of papers, research assignments and research project experience. The faculty is drawn from wide spectrum of disciplinary background such as Women's studies, Sociology, Anthropology, Education and vocational education, Literature, Economics and Psychology etc.

After completion of the course students would find their professional career in academic institutions pursuing teaching and inter-disciplinary research in women's issues, in Nongovernmental Organisations and in research consultancy firms.
 Course Fee:

Certificate Course in Old Age Care


 Keeping in mind our social responsibility towards elderly persons and increasing need for care of the older persons, Three Month Certificate Course in Old Age Care was launched by Women’s Studies Department, Barkatullah University, Bhopal. The idea of initiating the course on old age care is based on findings of the two years of extensive research study entitled “Increasing Old Age Homes: Broken Families” conducted by Women’s Studies Department. First batch of the course has been successfully completed and results have been declared.