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विश्वविद्यालय स्तर युवा उत्सव 2018—19 के आयोजन के संबंध में D-113 (11-10-2018) News
Notification For MED II sem Exam Form Date (429) (04-10-2018) News
Notification For Enrollment 2018-19 (419) 29/09/2018 News
अंतर जिला विश्वविद्यालय स्तर युवा उत्सव सत्र 2018—19 के आयोजन के संबंध में (D107) (25-09-2018) News
पाठ्यक्रम सत्र 2018—19 मे निम्मनानुसार निर्घारित किये जाते है (2578) News
Notification regarding M.B.A. (integrated) Sem II,IV,VI,VIIII,X Exam form (459) 17/07/2018 News
Notification for M.Tech Biomedical Engg VI Sem Regular/Ex Exam (454) 17/06/2018 News
Notification for BE VIII Sem Regular/Ex Exam (455) 17/06/2018 News
नवीन महाविद्यालय, नवीन पाठ्यक्रम, नवीन विषय आगामी कक्षा प्रारम्भ करने हेतु आवेदन(487) 13/04/2018 News
महाविद्यालय में कालेज कोड—28 के अंतर्गत नियुक्त प्राचार्च से संबंधित जानकारी प्रेषित करने विषयक News
Notification Regarding for Exam Center (104) 06/02/2018 News
Notification Regarding installation of CCTV at the Examination center News
Annual Pattern Exam /paper postponed From 31-03-2018 to 09-04-2018 (159) (27-03-2018) News
Order Copy of Rector Appointment (261) News
Notification for B.Lib Supply Exam Form Date (41) News
Hon'ble Executive Council Members (3699) News
Notification For Affiliation Fees Submit (3881) News
Notification for State Lavel JUDO (Male) Sports competition (6390) 26-12-2017 News
Merit list of the exam (1184) News
Merit list of the exam (1492) News
Revised Notification For Doctoral Entrance Test Exam Date (3751)01/12/2017 News
Special Permission for Submission of Ph.D Thesis (3785) 06/12/2017 News
Univestiy west zone cricket Tournament 2017-18 News
Notification for BSCBED, BABED, BED TWO YEAR, MED TWO YEAR CENTRE LIST (1150) 30/11/2017 News
Revised Notification For BSC, V Semester Exam Time-Table (1163) 02/12/2017 News
Revised Notification For BA, III Semester Exam Time-Table (1165) 02/12/2017 News
Notification For PGDCA First sem Exam Form Date ( 1152) 01/12/2017 News
Notification For PHD Entrance Exam Test ( 1154) 01/12/2017 News
Notification For Centre List ( 1154) 01/12/2017 News
Notification For Training of Medition (13695) 2311/2017 News
Notification For BSC BED, BABED, BED, MED Centre List (1496) 30/11/2017 News
Revised Notification For CCE, PRACTICAL MARKS (1496) 30/11/2017 News
Revised Notification For Affiliation fee (3739) 29/11/2017 News
समस्त महाविद्यालयों मे ध्यान प्रशिक्षण के बावत। (3695) News
Notification For Ph..D Entrance Test (7018) 24/11/2017 News
Junior Research Fellow/Project Fellow News
अशासकीय महाविद्यालय मे छात्र संघ निर्वाचन 2017—18 News
Selecation Trail For Barkatullah University Athletics (M/W) Team 2017-18 (20-11-2017) News
Revised Notification For Postponement Of UG Exam (1062) (18-11-2017) News
Revised Notification For Postponement Of UG Exam (1060) (18-11-2017) News
वि0वि0 शिक्षण विभाग छात्र संघ चुनाव 2017—18 (18/10/2017) News
बरकतउल्ला विश्वविघालय स्तर युवा उत्सव 2017—18 News
Notification for MPED BPED Exam Centre List session (912) (04/10/2017) News
राष्ट्रप्रेम उत्सव — स्वामी विवेकानंद के जीवन एवं संवाद पर आधाारित नाट्य मंचन News
Notification for Intre District Yoga (M/W) Tournament 2017-18(6142) (12/09/2017) News
Notification for MPED Final Exam Form Date (855) (11/09/2017) News
Order regarding Contract Teacher / Officers (1401) (05/09/2017) News
Notification For BPES First Year Exam Form Date (806) 28/08/2017 News
DET(2017)- Revision of Fee and Last date of Application form (6063)(26/08/2017) News
Information Regarding Yuva Utsav session 2017-18 (21/08/2017) News
Emp. of Candidates For Guest Faculties News
You all are Cordially invited on The auspiciour occasion of 47th foundation day of BARKATULLAH UNIVERSITY, BHOPAL News
Notification for Empanelment of candidates for Guest Faculties News
Notification for MBA PART TIME II IV AND VI semester exam form (704) 20/07/2017 News
Notification for B Pharma II and VIII semester exam form (702) 20/07/2017 News
Notification News
Academic Calendar semester 2017-18 (3032) 08/06/17 News
Notification For MA / MSC 2,4 Sem and BA 4 Sem Paper Postponed (530) 27/05/2017 News
Notification For M.Com.4 Sem Paper Postponed (524 A) 26/05/2017 News
Notification For MSC 4 Sem Paper Postponed (523) 25/05/2017 News
Notification For B.Sc II Semester Paper Postponed (507) 19/05/2017 News
information for Ph.D student appearing in course work 2 exam News
Revised Notification regarding change of exam center for All paramedical Courses part 1 and 2 (485) 13/05/2017 News
Urgent/Important Order For The Principals/Exam Centre Superintendent (848) 27-04-2017 News
Revised Notification for BA,BSc 6th Sem Exam Paper Postponed (334) 22-04-2017 News
Time Table For UG II Semester (313) 18/04/2017 News
Time-Table For UG VI Semester Exam Date (270) 06/04/2017 News
Notification Regarding Merit List of Session2014-15 (179) Merit List of Session2014-15 (1081) News
Economic Empowerment of Women through Skill Development News