Department of Arabic

 Important and Purpose of the Arabic Course :

         Bhopal has remained renowned centre of Arabic for last 200 years Siddique Hasan Khan, the dignifies personality of Arabic and religious literature and own inspiring great scholar of India in such a literary personality who has written more than 100 books in Arabic which are included in the syllabus of universities in Arabic world.

Another famous scholar and teacher in Husain Bin Mohsin Ansari people from all parts of sub continent ofIndia came here for his patronage and guidance.

 The facility of teaching and guidance is available only in B.V.V. at Bhopal. There is no other university in M.P.   to provide this facility. Arabic is the official language of 22 countries out of them 18 are from richest nations. They have deep and close relation with our Country.  

         The department is acknowledge as the main Indian centre for research on Arabic Language, Literature and  Culture and benefits from an outstanding library collection. Well qualified students with an appropriate research topic may be admitted to read for a research degree at Ph.D. level, under individual supervision. There is a great demand to start courses of certificate and diploma in modern Arabic it is need of the people of Bhopal. People with these qualifications can get better jobs in Arabian countries; duration of such a course will be 1 year. It will run under self finance scheme. The above mentioned courses are in the process for approval

Unique features of course :

This programme is aimed to students with proficiency in Arabic gained through a university degree of some other ascertainable means, and is designed to cater for non-native speakers of the language, students will have the opportunity to broaden and deepen their knowledge of the Arabic Language, and its literature and culture through a complement of modules with a clear modern focus, which nevertheless is not oblivious to the important continuity between modernity and tradition. Another important feature of the course is Spoken Arabic, we have an excellent practice in this field with eminent teachers well capable to this task.

Course Of Study
Course Name   : M.A. Arabic
Seats 10
Duration 2 Years
Eligibility Graduation with IInd Div.


Semester I    Quranic and Hadisi Literature, Classical and Modern   Poetry, Short Stories, Essay Translation, Composition   and Grammar.

Semester II     Classical and Modern Prose, Classical and Modern  Poetry, Short Stories, Essay and Translation, Composition and Grammar.

Semester III  History of Ancient Arabic Literature , Classical and   Modern Prose, Poetry and Criticism, Dissertation or  Essay.

Semester IV     History of Modern Arabic Literature, Classical &  Modern Prose, Poetry and Criticism, Dissertation.


Students with a minimum of 60% marks in M.A. Previous can opt. For dissertation.

M.Phil IN Arabic
Seats 5
Duration One Years
Eligibility M.A. Arabic with 55% marks in  M.A. Arabic and 50% marks  in S.S & B.A.


          The syllabus of the above will be as follows, which is liable to be subject to revision by the board of studies in Arabic from time to time.

          Research Methodology, Dissertation and Viva-Voce, Study of one of the following branches of Arabic Literature; Arabic Prose, Arabic Poetry, History of Arabic Literature, Management, Drama, Novel, Short Story, Study of the impact of Arabic Literature on one of the following: Persian, Urdu.

Diploma Course in Modern Arabic Language
Seats 20+5NRI(SF)
Duration One Years
Eligibility Bachelor Degree or Certificate course in Arabic language


Arabic text, Arabic grammar, Oral examination, Dictation, Comprehension

Certificate Course in Modern Arabic Language
Seats 20+5NRI(SF)
Duration Six months
Eligibility (10+2)SSS exam. pass


Teaching of Arabic, Practical Examination of spoken skill / Dictation of Arabic text